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Fiber Laser welding machine 5 in 1

Fiber Laser welding machine 5 in 1

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Laser power: 1500/2000/3000w

Laser wavelength: 1064nm (±10nm )

Power consumption: <=7/9/12KVA

Working mode: Continuous Laser

Laser source output method: QBH

Power adjustment range (%): 5-100

Modulation frequency (KHz): 5

Cutting capacity: up to 6/8/10mm

Welding Spot: 0.1mm to 4mm

Welding thickness: 0,5 - 5/7/9 mm

Water chiller: Built-in model
Weight: 145kg

Continuous Working Time: 24 Hours

Feeding wire width: 0.8-2mm

Dimensions: 98*49*81cm

Fiber length: 10m

Working voltage (VAC): 1P/220V, 50HZ

Working environment temperature (°C): 10-50

Working environment relative humidity (%): 10-85
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