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Air Cooling Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

Air Cooling Portable Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

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The overall size of the 50W laser cleaning system is 280 * 220 * 122mm, which is equivalent to the size of A4 paper, and the overall weight is 8kg; The overall size of 100W laser cleaning system is 280*380*150mm, which is equivalent to the size of A3 paper. The overall weight of the system is 10kg. Whether it is handheld, shoulder back, or fixed on the station, it looks small.
We make the most extreme miniaturization on the premise of ensuring full functions; In design, in order to save space as much as possible, we innovatively designed the safety indicator and the chassis handle as a whole, ensuring high-quality safety protection measures while making use more convenient; This product can be connected with external power battery, and customers can freely use it in places without power supply equipment; It is applicable to urban graffiti cleaning, weld bead cleaning, high-altitude operation or precision workshop that cannot be connected to electricity.

Output Power 51±1/ 101±1
Repeat Frequency 45~170
Optical Pulse Width 100±10@45KHz
Beam Quality(M2)<6
Full Power Frequency 45KHz
Maximum Pulse Capacity 1.1MJ
Total Power 230W
Machine Size 318×285×127mm
Power Consumption 200W
Weight 8KG

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